24 hour Yogathon!

November 10th - 11th, 2007
10am Saturday - 10am Sunday
Path Yoga, Kingston
336a Barrie Street

Join us in creating a garland of hope and peace for the empowerment and reintegration of trafficked women and children in Mysore, India. For more info check out the site

The heart of the yogathon is sun salutations for dollars, where everyone from absolute beginners to experienced practitoiners will practice sun salutations to fulfill pledges, creating a community practice over 24 hours. At the same time, events including: yoga classes, silent auctions and raffles, singing and music, documentaries and lots of delicious food will provide a space for sharing, learning and community.

Radhamma's Dream Screening
41 minutes DVD
Saturday Nov 10th 8:30pm
Path Yoga
336a Barrie Street Kingston
$10 at the door (for all day event pass) or $5 pre purchase
All proceeds go to Art for Empowerment and Odanadi.

Please contact us if you would like to screen Radhamma's Dream for your group.

Set in Mysore India, Radhamma’s Dream is a reflective and confessional portrait about trafficking and the sex trade.  A group of women and children explore the past and think about the future through conversations about the sex trade, work, family, friends, courage and dreams.  While some of these women have survived trafficking, others continue with sex work, and others still are the children of these women.  However, as they share their dreams and experiences, it soon becomes apparent that the stereotypes associated with sex workers do not always fit. Their powerful and compelling stories show how they consciously and proactively work to overcome the challenges, exploitation and trauma they have faced to arrive at a place of empowerment, confidence and positive self-identity.

Sudharma House Experience 
CD release
Date T.B.A
Filmmaker Elisa Paloschi sets out to India to record the sound track for the documentary Radhamma's Dream when she finds herself part of a spontaneous group of people jamming on not much more than euphoria alone.  A professional guitarist from LA and a talented Brazilian percussionist inspire their audience to participate in something that is nothing less than magic. Add 6 yoga students and 4 young girls from the documentary to the mix and Sudharma House Experience is born.
100% of all sales after expenses will go to Art for Empowerment.

Faces and Places
Photographs of India and Italy by Elisa Paloschi.
Nov. 3  - Nov. 17 2006
50% of all proceeds will go to the Art for Empowerment workshop, Looking through the Lens.

Art for Empowerment is a non profit programme which relies on donations and volunteers.  Please contact us if you can help.