• Art for Empowerment is committed to recruiting workshop leaders who not only have outstanding talents in their artistic field but who have also shown past commitment to working with children.
  • Art for Empowerment will build and provide the structure and foundation to enable volunteer artists to develop and implement their own creative workshop ideas using their own teaching methods in order to best share their passion, wisdom and talents with children in need.
  • Art for Empowerment will act as facilitator to coordinate between India and the workshop leader, organizing schedules and living arrangements and providing a start-up package which will help ease the burden and culture shock which often occurs to a new visitor in India. 
  • Art for Empowerment will provide the legal structure so that the individual artist is able to coordinate his or her own fundraising for an Art for Empowerment approved programme.
  • Art for Empowerment encourages socially responsible travel and is dedicated to enabling the volunteer to gain a new perspective about the world while working within a distant community.
  • Art for Empowerment will encourage artists to produce their own work as well as teaching  the children.
  • Art for Empowerment will support artists who would like to develop a workshop within a community they have already been connected to.
  • Art for Empowerment aims to act as an instrument for altering public opinion and challenging the stereotypes that exist about sex workers, marginalized children and the human trafficking trade through exhibition of the completed project work.
  • Art for Empowerment will endeavour to provide ongoing support to the children and community of Odanadi.
Art for Empowerment is a non profit programme which relies on donations and volunteers.  Please contact us if you can help.